Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.

Robert Griffin III

In the pursuit of excellence, many athletes and coaches will dedicate immense amount of time and resources to physical training, therapy, and nutrition, while neglecting to engage in mental skills training. The ability to perform under pressure, bounce back from setbacks, display a high degree of confidence and focus, isn’t something you are born with, but rather something that must be trained, developed and mastered. The mind is as important to train as the body. Training that does not include mental skills is akin to leaving key pieces out of a puzzle – it is not complete, and can cause all the other great elements of one’s training to come undone.

Applied sport psychology involves applying mental and emotional concepts of human performance, to assist athletes in realizing their abilities. Mental performance consultants are skilled with the ability to identify, develop and implement mental skills training to enhance the performances and positive personal development of athletes. Additionally, a mental performance consultant can facilitate in addressing performance inhibitors to ensure athletes are able to achieve consistent and improved results.

Did you know that mental factors, such as confidence, distraction control, focus, anxiety/arousal, and concentration, account for the most fluctuations in performance? Train the mind like you train the body and you are on your way to maximizing your potential.Are you leaving gaps in your ability to achieve your potential?

Mental Skills Training with Dr. Nicole Forrester

Dr. Nicole Forrester provides mental skills training to athletes, coaches, and performers, assisting in the development of their mental game. Athletes and performers will not only gain the tools to overcome mental blocks impeding their performances, but will cultivate the greatest tool in their body — their mind – maximizing their physical abilities. Mental performance consulting is for the individual/team interested in overcoming a setback, injuries or athletes/performers who simply want to train their mind to maximize their physical training. You will gain a clear understanding of what your mental strengths and weaknesses are, and how to zone into your optimal performance. Your mental game could be the difference between first and second.


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*Please Note: A mental performance consultant is not a therapist, and does not treat and/ or advise any person with respect to his or her health. Rather a mental performance consultant offers an integrated sport science background, with a focus on performance enhancement. To be a recognized mental performance consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, a mental performance consultant must have attained at least: (1) a Master’s degree in sport psychology or related field; (2) successful completion of a clearly defined coursework in applied sport psychology and foundational disciplines; (3) supervised consulting experience; and (4) favourable supervisor and client evaluations.

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