Strategy Development

The success of any organization is fundamentally based on its strategic planning and implementation. Individuals and groups will be facilitated with integrated assessments to effectively establish goal strategies and targets, resulting in performance breakthroughs.




It was once believed that it was humanly impossible for anyone to run the mile under 4 minutes. However, on May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister would be the first man to prove that the impossible was indeed possible. Today, running under 4 minutes in the mile by a world-class male athlete is anything but impossible.

Sometimes, the real limiting factor of any individual or organization is the boundaries by which they define as possible and impossible. Dr. Nicole Forrester and Optimal Zone Inc.provide a unique perspective on performance for businesses, whereby organizations learn how to push beyond their perceived limits to achieve a new defined level of excellence.

SET THE BAR HIGH: Just how high can your organization JUMP in performance?

Dr. Nicole Forrester brings with her the experience, knowledge, and understanding of achieving high performing results. With a doctoral degree in sport psychology, integrated with studies in organizational psychology, Nicole has found many of the principles of elite performances in sport applicable to success in business. She has applied her understanding of high performance to assist various individuals, businesses and organizations in their pursuit of excellence, including Fortune 500 companies, Olympians and professional athletes.

Dr. Nicole Forrester is results driven. Using key performance indicators, she facilitates individuals and organizations with the skills and ability to enhance their performance and sustain consistency at an elevated level. For the results driven executive and/or executive team, Nicole offers the following services: