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The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are passionate, committed, involved and satisfied with their job.  They are dedicated to the achievement of your organization’s goals, and willfully employ physical, cognitive, and emotional immersion.  You may find these workers to be loyal, rarely absent, willing to stay later or come in early, and provide a degree of passion in their work.



According to the Gallup Management Journal (2010), only 28% of employees are actually engaged.  Employee disengagement can be an unnecessary costly expense.  In a study conducted by Towers Perrin (2007) it was determined:

  • Canadian companies with the highest percentage of engaged employees increased operating income 19% and earnings per share 28% year-to-year
  • Comparatively, Canadian companies with the lowest percentage of engaged employees decreased by 33% in operating income and 11% in earnings per share, year-to-year

Employees who are not engaged are more detached from your organization, and are inclined to be less-motivated, and have greater sick days and turnovers.  Their productivity and efficiency are significantly inferior to the engaged employee.  Additionally, a disengaged employee may display negativity and are liable to spread their attitude to others, negatively altering the culture and climate of your organization.

Which employee would you rather have?