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High Performance

Who We Are

Founded by Olympian, Dr. Nicole Forrester, Optimal Zone Inc. is a boutique high performance consulting firm servicing athletes, individuals and organizations seeking to make the jump from good to extraordinary results. Whether in business or in sports technical training and talent may provide you with good results, but it will not bridge the gap to greatness. Great results depend on an optimal interaction of your mental, emotional and physical states to the demands of the task. We help you zone into your optimal range for excellence.

What We Do

We drive the success of the individual and organization through the unique comprehensive approach of mental skills training, organizational development, skills training and health promotion. We assess, educate, train, and guide our clients with strategies to improve their overall performances and well-being.

Why Choose Us

Optimal Zone Inc. was founded by Olympian, Dr. Nicole Forrester, who has researched, taught, and trained others to achieve high performances for over 15 years. Not only does she understand high performance, she’s also achieved it. We are based on based on science, research, and experience.

Who We Work With

Athletes & Performers

Athletes & Performers

Executives, High Performing Individuals & Teams

Successful business man

Employee Engagement