About Us


Optimal Zone Inc.seeks to enhance the performance skills of individuals and organizations,to ensure they realize their potential. We assess, educate, train, and guide our clients with strategies to improve their performances and well-being.


Who We Are

We are a small boutique high performance consulting firm servicing athletes, individuals and organizations seeking to make the jump from good to extraordinary performances. Whether in business or in sports, technical training and talent may provide you with good results, but it will not bridge the gap to greatness. We believe to consistently achieve high performance results, the demands of the environment and the optimal zone of mental, emotional and physical factors must be clearly understood and attended to.


How We Do It

We drive the success of the individual and organization through the unique comprehensive approach of mental skills training, organizational development, and health promotion. We will assess, educate, train, and guide you with strategies to improve your overall performance and well-being.

We begin by conducting assessments to better understand environmental and personal factors at hand, and potential breakthrough opportunities. We then compare our results with your objectives, and work with you to develop effective goal strategies to ensure you achieve your aims while maximizing your potential. Additionally, we assist in the implementation of a change process to ensure success for you and/or your organization. We offer consulting services for athletes, executives, and high performing individuals and groups. To further enhance employee engagement we also provide Lunch & Learn sessions and workshops.


Why Choose Us

We offer the distinct advantage of both experience and knowledge in high performance. Optimal Zone Inc. was founded by Olympian, Dr. Nicole Forrester an 8-time Canadian Champion who has amassed multiple medals on the world stage, including a Commonwealth Games gold and bronze medal. Beyond her experiences of reaching the podium, Dr. Nicole Forrester has also studied high performance extensively as it relates to business, sports psychology, health and sports science. She holds a doctoral degree in sport psychology, with integrated studies in organizational psychology, as well as a master and bachelor degrees in kinesiology. Not only does she understand high performance, she’s also achieved it.

Optimal Zone Inc. is based upon a comprehensive understanding of high performance. We do not apply a one size fits all approach; every client is unique. We believe a personalized and integrated consulting style best serves our clients in achieving their goals, improving motivation and productivity, bouncing back from setbacks, and ultimately realizing their potential.



  • Individual & Group Consulting
  • Assessments & Goals Strategies
  • Workshops
  • Clinics
  • Keynote Presentations